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Overview About Library

Mr.Autade Anil Chhagan


The Central Library of S.B. Patil College of Engineering was established in 2009. The main object of Central library is to support the educational & research programmes of the Institute by providing physical & intellectual access to information, consistent with the present & the anticipated educational & research functions of the institute.

Library is the heart of the institution. It is a unique Knowledge Centre, which offers essential and specialized information resources and services to meet the information needs of the users. The Central Library of SBPCOE has been playing a vital role in overall development of the college since its inception. The library is enriched with variety of books, well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the form of books, e-books, periodicals, e-journals, newspapers, CD-ROMs etc.

To cultivate ‘reading culture’ amongst the student’s library increases a collection of general reading books also from time to time. The library has subscribed e-journals as well as print journals over. The Central library consists of Reference Section, Journal Section, Reading Hall, & Stack-Room. The library has unique collection of Encyclopedia, Handbooks, Textbooks, and Journals etc.



Faculty Profile

Mr.Autade Anil Chhagan


Qualification : B.A, M.Lib I.Sc, NET,SET Experience : 13 Years. Email ID:

Mr.Jadhav Ajit Ramchandra

Assistant Librarian

Qualification and ITI (Mech Drafts) Experience : 13 Years Email ID:

: Mr. Dhumal B. U.

Assistant Librarian

Qualification: M.Lib&I.Sc. Date of Joining: 10/09/2010 Experience: 12 Years E-mail:

Mr. Veer P. B.


Qualification: S.S.C Date of Joining: 01/07/2009 Experience: 13 Years


Library Committee


SBPCOE Library plays an important role in the development and functioning of the institute by acting as an information resource center. It serves the interest of different constituents of the institute. A Library Advisory Committee has been formed to cater to the teaching, learning and research needs of the students and the faculty.

The members of the Library Advisory Committee are: 

S.No. Name of Members Designation
1 Dr. Shrinivas Tanaji Shirkande Chairman
2 Prof. Vinay Shivajirao Nalawade Vice Chairman
3 Prof. Jalindar Nivrutti Ekatpure Coordinator
4 Mr. Anil Chhagan Autade Secretary
5 Mr. Ajit Ramchandra Jadhav Library Member
6 Prof. Pushkraj Ramkrishna Admile Faculty Member
7 Prof. Kadar Shahajahan Tamboli Faculty Member
8 Prof. Chaitrali Vinay Nalawade Faculty Member
9 Prof. Kondiba Hanumant Kuber Faculty Member
10 Prof. Mahesh H. Yamgar Faculty Member
11 Mr. Suraj Tatyasaheb Naiknaware Student Member
12 Ms. Pallavi Dattu Jadhav Student Member

Library Rules


  • Entry to the library is restricted to the bonafide members on production of valid Identity Card.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the library premises.
  • Group discussions, combined studies etc are strictly prohibited inside the library.
  • Please maintain silence in the library.
  • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside the library.
  • The users must enter their details in the gate register.
  • Books and other personnel belongings should not be taken in to the library.
  • Without identity card the entry is prohibited inside the library.
  • Library users are strictly prohibited from taking the borrowed and stamped books again inside the library.
  • Student can borrow two books at a time.
  • Borrower’s cards are not transferable.
  • In the case of the loss of the borrower’s cards, matter should immediately be reported to the librarian in writing. New borrower’s cards will be issued on paying a fine.
  • While leaving the library, books taken for reference should be kept on the reference desk, and the books taken for lending should be given to issue counter for charging.
  • All the books should be returned on the date stamped on the date label affixed on the last page of the book. Absence from college will not be an excuse for not returning the book on time.
  • The following conditions are to be followed for the renewal of books.
  • More than one renewal will not be allowed.
  • Books and periodicals should be used with care. The members will be responsible for any damages and disfigurations caused to the books borrowed by them.
  • If a member damages or disfigures a book or periodical, he/she will have to replace it or pay two/three times of the cost within the time stipulated by the librarian. In case one book in a set is damaged, the whole set will have to be replaced.
  • Reference Books, News Papers, Magazines and Journals should not be taken out.
  • The library timing and details of fine structure are displayed on the library notice board.
  • Requirement of new books may be intimated to the librarian through the concerned HOD.
  • The library staff is here to serve you. So do come forward and do not hesitate to ask for any information/material you need.

Library Services

  • Open Access System for all our students & staff
  • CAS (Current Awarness Service) & SDI (Selective Desimination of Information)
  • Digital Library facility
  • Internet / Multimedia / Scanning / CD Write facility
  • Reprographic facility
  • Bar – Code based Issue / Return facility
  • Book bank facility for SC / ST  and Topper students
  • Online Public Access Catalogue facility
  • Online E-journal facility
  • SMS Alert facility for student and staff
  • Journal and magazine Content delivery service.
  1. Circulation Section
  2. Reading Room Section
  3. News paper Section
  4. Digital Library Section
  5. OPAC
  6. Periodical Section
  7. Bound Volume Section
  8. Reference Section
  9. Stack Room Section
  10. Book Bank Section
  11. New Arrival Section

Library Collection


 Course  Titles  Volumes
Civil Engineering    650  3014
Computer Engineering 940 4298
Electrical Engineering 654 2906
Electronics & Telecommunication Engg. 677 3243
Mechanical Engineering 936 4295
Total Books 3857 17756

Print Journals/Magazines (National):

 Course  Journals  Magazines Total
Civil Engineering   06  00 06
Computer Engineering 12  02 14
Electrical Engineering 06  01 07
Electronics & Telecommunication Engg. 06  02  08
Mechanical Engineering 06   01  07
General Science 06  01  07
Total Journal/Magazines 42 07 49

Daily Newspapers & Saptahik:

 Title  Item Type Frequency  Copies
Times of India (English) Newspaper  Daily  01
The Indian Express (English) Newspaper  Daily  01
Sakal (Marathi) Newspaper  Daily  01
Loksatta (Marathi) Newspaper  Daily  01
Maharashtra Times (Marathi) Newspaper   Daily   01
Lokmat (Marathi) Newspaper  Daily  01
Pudhari (Marathi) Newspaper Daily  01
Prabhat (Marathi) Newspaper   Daily  01
Punyanagari (Marathi) Newspaper  Daily  01
Employment News (English)  Newspaper  Daily  01
Saptahik Sakal (Marathi)  Saptahik  Weekly  01
Lokprabha (Marathi)  Saptahik  weekly  01
Total Newspapers/Saptahik Newspaper = 11  Saptahik = 02  12


Book CD/DVD 798
Journal CD/DVD 418

Bound Volume

Journal /Magazine Bound Volume 662

Free E-books Sites

Sr.No. Name Websites
1 Directory of Open Access Books
2 Open Access e-Books pk/OAEBooks.html
3 Audio Books for Free http://www.audiobooksforfree. com/screen_main.asp  
4 New Free Books
5 Open Textbook
6 ACS e-Books advanced
7 UC Press E-Books Collection (1982-2004) ucpressebooks/
8 – Business Topics business.jsp
9 Project Gutenberg Gutenberg:About
10 Free e-Bbooboon
11 For e-books html/ebook.php
12 Free books Hub
13 American Libraries americana
14 Directory of Open Access Books
15 (More than 3 lakhs e-books)
16 World Book
17 Computer Books i
18 Open Book Project
20 World e-book Library default.aspx
21 Canadian Libraries (>318,000 Books) toronto
22 Free book centre
23 Black book online http://www.blackbookonline. info/
24 Fiction_db
Click on the Image to get the Access of Open Access E-resources

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