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Why Recruit @ SBPCOE

  • We at SBPCOE, conducts an extensive research on what gets students the best jobs.
  • Students are groomed in the Life Skills program that gives them an edge when they join any company.
  • We are committed to a successful future and better placement opportunity for our students. We ensure that students get the best jobs available in the market.
  • SBPCOE has a placement committee that coordinates the placement activities of the institute and also acts as a liaison between the organization and the students.
  • Rigorous market and academic research.
  • Students are groomed in the soft Skills program that gives them an edge when they appear in the interview process of any company.
  • Every week we arrange industrial lectures for our students.
  • The committee takes care of the correspondence with the prospective employers, arranging pre-placement talk, personal campus interviews and providing other facilities that may be required by visiting organizations. Placement of students is a top priority at SBPCOE T&P cell.


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Industry Institute Interaction (III) Cell

About Us:

The Industry Institute Interaction Cell was established at S. B Patil College of Engineering (SBPCOE) under the Industry Institute Interaction Scheme of the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt. of India.

To bridge a gap between the theoretical and practical aspects of the curriculum, Corporate Interaction is extremely important.

Better interaction between Technical institutions and industry is the need of the hour. This will have great bearing on the Engineering Curriculum, exposure of industrial atmosphere to engineering students and subsequent placement of young graduating engineers in industries across the country.

There is an urgent need of interaction of industry and academics where academic institutes can prepare students for jobs in multinational companies and industry will also be benefited by possibility of receiving well-trained workforce.

The Functions of Industry-Institute Interaction Cell :-

1.To synchronize the quality of engineering education to cater the needs of the industry.

2.To give industrial exposure to Faculty members and students, to tune their knowledge to cope with the industrial culture.

3.To assist the Departments in organizing workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the industries.

4.To improve  curricula,faculty,  infrastructure,  pedagogy  in  line  with  the  industry’s requirements.

5.Encouraging Engineers from industries to visit institution to deliver lectures.

6.Participation of experts from industries, in curriculum development.

7.To organize industrial visits for Faculty members and students.

8.To encourage Faculty members to use their expertise in solving the problems faced by the industries, thus creating opportunity for consultancy.

9.Industrial testing by Faculty and technician at site, or in laboratory.

10.To organize in-plant training for the students

11.Collaborative degree or diploma course certification.

12.To identify the areas for executive development programs in the areas of recent technological advances.

13.To assist the Departments in establishing rapport with industries for taking up mini projects and projects.

14.To coordinate/ identify industrial partners for proposing ‘Centre for Excellence’.

15.To develop good work culture among the

16.To strengthen Alumni relations.

17.To assist the Training and Placement Division.

18.Visit of industry executives and practicing engineers to the institute for seeing research work and laboratories.

19.Memorandum of Understanding between the institute and industries to bring the two sides emotionally and strategically closer.

20.Visiting faculty from industries.

21.R&D Laboratories sponsored by industries at the institute

Industry-Institute Interaction Cell Members:-

Sr. No Name Designation
1 Prof. V.B. Jagtap TPO Coordinator
2 Prof. S.P. Kamble Associate Professor Co-Coordinator
3 Prof. S. T. Devkate Associate Professor Member
4 Prof. S. T.Shirkande Asst. Professor Member
5 Prof. A. C. Bhosale Asst. Professor Member
6 Prof. U. A. Chatte Asst. Professor Member
7 Prof. M. B. Katkar Asst. Professor Member


  • SBPCOE have MOU with International Albert Schweitzer’s Leadership for Life foundation Newyork USA
  • SBPCOE have MOU with APART Education Pune for Language Lab ,communication Skill and aptitude
  • SBPCOE have MOU with Scout Pune for soft skill program
  • SBPCOE have MOU with Good through Bangalore for placement
  • SBPCOE have MOU with career folio Pune for Automated Recruitment.
  • SBPCOE have MOU with TCS Pune for Government exam
  • SBPCOE have MOU with Copper track Industries Nashik for placement and industrial training and visits
  • SBPCOE have MOU with Softcon Pune for short term industrial training
  • SBPCOE have MOU with Reliance infrastructure Dahanu, Palghar for industrial internship
  • SBPCOE have MOU with Mico embedded Pune for industrial Workshop and training
  • SBPCOE have MOU with Knowledge Kuotient Mumbai for Industry knowledge expert lecture
  • SBPCOE have MOU with Arc-Tech Pune for Technical training and Placement
  • SBPCOE have MOU with Indo German Tool Room(IGTR) for Aurangabad Technical training
  • SBPCOE have MOU with Fossilace Bangalore for placement
  • SBPCOE have MOU with Opulent for project Sponsorship and Placement
  • SBPCOE h have MOU with Piaggio ,cottoning etc for academic-Industrial project sponsorship

Training & Program

  • Communication Skills Training To FE Students:
  • Soft Skills Training To Second Year Students:
  • Aptitude Training To Third Year Students:
  • Interview Preparation Session For Final Year Students
  • Mock GD / PI Sessions For Final Year Students
  • Mock Aptitude Tests (Written And Online) For Final Year Students

Our Recruiter

105 Placed in Academic Year 2018-19

Last 3 Years Recruitments

  2018-19 2017-18 2016-17
Sr No Name of the Company Package(LPA) Name of the Company Package(LPA) Name of the Company Package(LPA)
1 Weldcraft 4.5 Opulent 2.2 Piaggio 2.4
2 Bosch 4.2 Yodlee 5.5 Siemens 3.2
3 RK Infosystem 2.2 RK Infosystem 2.2 Opulent 2.4
4 Arxxus Technology 4.1 Vyom Labs 2.5 Reliance 2.4
5 ACTY 2.4 GS Lab 4.5 Eleation 2.4
6 Jaro 12.5 Optymyze 4.2 WebTech 3.2
7 JusPay 8.5 WNS 4.2 Barclays 3.6
8 Infosys 3.6 Shiksha 2.2 Coganizant 3.6
9 Wipro 3.5 Accede Software Solutions 2.4 HCL 3.6
10 TCS 3.4 Mahalakshmi Auto 1.8 Prolifics 2.2
11 Syntel 3.2 Aju Tech 1.8 system Plus 2.4
12 KPIT 3.4 Ample 2.2 DeskEra 2.4
13 ELEATION 2.4 CenterSoft 2.2 Qspider 2.4
14 BIS 1.8 DY Power 1.8 Os3Infotech 1.8
15 Opulent 2.4 DSS World 2.2 Piaggio 2.2
16 ABICOR-Binzel 1.8 RS Lab 4.5 vasistha 2.2
17 Asahi Glass India Ltd. 3.6 Marrow Technologies 1.2 BNC Power 2.2
18 PubMatic India Pvt. Ltd. 6 iSash 1.7
19 Reliance 3.6 Trinity Engineers 2.2
20 KLT 4.2 Allied Softech 2.4
21 Paramatrix 2.8 Definitics 3.2
22 Infosys 3.6 RSL 4.5
23 ABICOR-Binzel 1.8 Kudale Engineering 2.2
24 Microchip 8.5 Yeshuka 2.2
25 HT 4.2 Econstruct 2.4
26 Attra Infotech 4.5
27 Just Dial 2.7
28 Vistruta 3.3
29 Exadatum Software Pvt Ltd Pune 5.2
30 Micromatic Machine Tools Private Ltd 3.2
31 Webonise Lab 4
34 Bolt IOT 6
35 Jenith Technocast 2.4
36 Q Spider 2.4
37 Dhoot Transmission 1.8

Industry Feedback Form


As per the AICTE, Engineering students should go for Industrial internship/training to become more employable. Our 235 students from TE and BE, they have done training/internship in various respective organization in June 2017.

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