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R & D Cell

Dr. Deokate Sarika T.

Dean, Research and Development

One of the most significant steps as a part of restructuring of SBPCOE Indapur has been the creation of the office of the Dean of Research and Development. The need to achieve a strategic focus in terms of current research as well as developing an agenda for future knowledge development is the primary mandate of this office.
The Office of R&D takes upon itself the responsibility of creating a work place towards which the best talent would migrate naturally. It enables pooling of skills and resources, creates strategy, and helps overcome systemic limitations, so that the Institute can be counted among the best in the Maharashtra.
The key role of the Office is to provide a conductive atmosphere for research and development activities of the Institute. Some of the functions of the R&D office are

  • Preparation of policy documents related to R & D and implementation of approved policies.
  • Coordination of R & D events such as conferences, STTPs, Workshop, Students and Faculty Developments program related to research.
  • Promoting Research Publications, Patents, technology Transfer, project and maintaining records thereof.
  • Coordination in respect of National and International collaborations in the field of academics and Research organization and industry and signing of MOUs to formulize such collaborations.
  • Coordination of R & D related publicity .
  • Managing research projects as per the norms of the funding agency and SBPCOE Indapur. This includes managing the expenses incurred in R&D projects.
  • Publishes research within the Institute through magazines like NEWSWIRE six monthly newsletter and yearly college magazine UTKARSH
  • Coordination of other matters as when referred by Principal.

R & D Cell Member

The Institution has a Research and development cell to monitor and enhance research activity. The research committee composition is as stated below:


S. No Post Name and Designation


1 Chairman Dr. P. D. Nemade, Principal
2 Dean, Research and Development Dr. Deokate Sarika, Asst. Prof. Department of Computer Engineering
3 Member R & D Prof. Chatte U. N. , Asst. Prof. Department of Electrical Engineering
4 Member R & D Dr. Gavali A.B., Associate. Prof. Department of Computer Engineering
5 Member R & D Dr. Yadav Y.P., Asst. Prof. Department of First Year Engineering
6 Member R & D Prof. Baral S. S., Asst. Prof. Department of Civil Engineering
7 Member R & D Prof.Deshmukh S. A., Asst. Prof. Department of Mechanical Engineering
8 Member R & D Prof. Bhosale A. C., Asst. Prof. Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Research and Innovation Program Highlights

  • Highly qualified, experience and dedicated faculties
  • 04 PhD and around 17 PhD perusing faculties
  • Support for Students to publish papers and patents
  • Research and Innovation cell supported by coordinators from departments
  • Research activities in departments to promote R & D
  • Research fund for the innovative project.
  • Active participation in research publication.
  • Well advanced equipment in lab and infrastructure.


  • To create and maintain research oriented environment
  • To promote research and innovation culture among faculty and students
  • To Interact with Industries, academic institution and Research Organization
  • To enhance quality of UG project
  • To promote project based learning. Introduction of mini project at SE and TE level.
  • The Research and Development Cell primary role is to help facilitate strengthening of the Institute’s research capabilities; proactively promote basic research and monitor quality of research work done.
  • R & D office will work with the all 5 UG departments to identify areas / topics/ issues for focused research and proactively work to the published the research publication.
  • Development of research lab.
  • To provide assistance in patent related work.

Expected Outcomes

  • Improved Quality of UG Projects
  • More number of research proposals, Publications and Patents
  • Awareness in students about Recent Advances and developments in Technology
  • Student participation in National level Innovation activities like BAJA, SUPRA, ROBOCON, ISIE Bhopal etc.
  • Interaction with Industries and research Institutes
  • Improve the placement of students.

Action Plan for Achieving Outcomes

A Research Committee headed by a Dean has developed framework for up-scaling and enhancing the research activities at the Institute. It includes some of the following strategies:

  • Research and Innovation cell supported by coordinators from all departments
  • Provision of Research funds to all the departments
  • Institute sponsorship for In house projects
  • Mini projects as extra effort
  • Write proposals to various funding agencies like UGC, AICTE etc.
  • Propose Roundtables, Conferences workshop and seminar on a series of thematic areas central to the work of the institute faculty to enable discussions, publication of papers and reports.
  • Conducting activities like organize workshop, seminar at the institute level and state level.
  • Secure resources to provide visiting fellowships to students and faculty within India to attend the workshop and seminar.
  • Provides support towards dissemination of research work undertaken by faculty and students in the form of working papers, manuscripts, books etc.
  • Facilitates the provision of necessary research, academic, administrative, and financial support to faculty and students.

Highlights of Outcomes and Achievements

  • Good Projects (Displayed in Labs)
  • More than 525 research publication in last five Academic Years
  • 1 patents filed by Electrical engineering students
  • 1 patents filed by Computer engineering students & Faculty
  • 10 research grants of more than 8 Lakhs
  • more than 18 MoU with Industries and Research Organizations
  • Active participation of students in BAJA, ROBOCON etc.
  • Awards at National level by students and Faculty
  • Big number of outstanding projects displayed in labs.
  • Developed eYantra and environmental lab for Robotics and Civil engineering students with the help of IIT Bombay and BCUD SPPU Pune.
  • Developed MHRD IIC Cell at SBPCOE

R & D Proposals

The Office of the Dean, Research and Development welcomes faculty members to submit proposals to the Research Council for funding. An important strategy to facilitate Research and development activities was the creation of a substantial reserve of Research Fund to facilitate research work around core thematic areas. This fund enables faculty to apply for resources to the Research Council by submitting a research proposal so as to reduce dependence on sponsored research.
Each research proposal received by the centre is sent for a blind review to a referee (a panel of senior and experienced researchers in the relevant field) who comments on the clarity and focus including rationale of the proposed study, logical flow of ideas, methodology, feasibility, originality and contribution to knowledge. The reviewer’s comments are shared with the researcher to help strengthen the proposal. The updated proposal, post verification (incorporation of reviewers comments and budget scrutiny), is sanctioned by the Principal.

R & D Facilities

The institute houses several advanced R&D facilities, including sophisticated state-of-the-art laboratories funded/donated by industry.

Industry Collaboration

S. No. Name of the industry/ company Company Location


SMART Training Resources (I) Pvt. Ltd Chennai


IO connect Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd Pune


Global Soft Infotech Pune


Micro Embedded Technologies Pune


Yantra Harwest Energy Pvt. Ltd Pune


Prathmesh Academy Baramati


CHANKYA Labs Aurangabad


M/S SofCon (I) Pvt. Ltd Pune


Kuotient knowledge Pvt. Ltd Mumbai


Opulent InfoTech Pune


Semat Excellence Center Pune




Lucideus Tech Pvt. Ltd New Delhi


TATA Consultancy Ltd Mumbai




Tata Technologies Pune

Research Grant

College received a grant to set a ROBOTICS lab E-YANTRA with grants received from IIT Bombay in year 2016. Research grant is also obtained from Savitribai Phule Pune University under the BCUD.


Sr. No. Title of project Name of teacher Research grant Department


Analysis and Investigation of Heavy Metals in Ground Water of Indapur Taluka of Pune District. Dr. Nemade P. D. 2,30,000/- Civil Engineering


Solid Waste Management and GIS based Transportation. A case study of Indapur Taluka Pune District. Prof. Bansode S. S. 1,50,000/- Civil Engineering


Design and fatigue life analysis of hybrid composite leaf spring for vehicle suspension. Prof. Adhapure D.U. 1,00,000/- Mechanical Engineering


Learning and segmenting the patterns used in marathi text. Prof. Devkate S.T. 65,000/- Computer Engineering


Self curing assessment and modeling of concrete mixtures: A step towards water conservation in civil industry for tenure of 2019-21 Prof. P. R. Admile 290,000/- Civil Engineering


Unmanned water area autonomous surveillance boat for tenure of 2019-21 Prof. K. L. Paval 300000/- Mechanical Engineering

Formation of Institute Innovation Cell :

Under Research and development cell MHRD Govt. of India established MHRD IIC cell at S.B.Patil College of engineering Indapur in 2018-19. The Cell is working with guidance of MHRD IIC Cell to inculcate the research environment among the students and faculties.

IIC Cell Activities in 2019-20

  1. Episode 05 webinar of India First Leadership Talk Series (IFLTS) by Dr. Ramesh Pokhrial, Hon’ble Minister of HRD on 22nd August 2019

2.Session on Intellectual Property Right by Dr. R. M. Patil on 30th August 2019

IIC Cell Activities in 2018-19

 Idea Competition

As per MHRD circular, R&D Cell of S. B. Patil College of Engineering arranged Idea Competition on 29 January 2019 at Vishveshwarya Hall, SBPCOE Indapur. For this program, 30 faculty members and 100 students were present. The students from different departments were explored their ideas in proper manner in the program. Total 14 students were present their idea in this Idea Competition.

Design Competition

As per MHRD circular, R&D Cell of S. B. Patil College of Engineering arranged Design Competition on 12th April 2019 at Vishveshwarya Hall, SBPCOE Indapur. The student participants presented the selected ideas with their design in this event. In this competition, students discussed about the feasibility study, components utilized working environment etc. The Principal, HODs and faculties motivated the students by providing the positive suggestions and improvements in their work.

Proof of Concept (POC) Exhibition cum competition

MHRD IIC Cell of SBPCOE has organized the Proof of Concept (POC) Exhibition cum competition on 7th June 2019. Shortlisted students from the Idea and Design Completion were participated in this event.

Startup and Innovation Cell
Startup and Innovation Cell Activity 2019-20

1) SBPCOE Indapur held a “Sankalpana Idea Competition” on 30th Sept 2019  under IIC and SPPU Innovation & Startup Cell. Students discussed their startup ideas with the judges and other faculties.  Prof. Bahendwar Y.S  and Prof. Gavali A.B. were the judge for this competition.1

2) SBPCOE arranged the induction program for startup on 28th Oct 2019 under MHRD IIC and Innovation & Startup cell SPPU. For the program, Mr. Sachin Kumbhoje CEO of Opex Kolhapur was the guest. He discussed the phases of startup and how to think innovatively to start your own Venture.

3) Entrepreneurship Session By Mr Patil.

4) Students and staff of SBPCOE StartUp Cell visited Spraytech Systems(India) Pvt. Ltd on 19th Nov. 2019. Had a  interaction with the team on Industrial problems and their requirement. Focused on the some of the problem statements in current scenario.

5) SBPCOE IIC Startup and Innovation Cell , organized the awareness Workshop on National Innovation and Start-up Policy (NISP) for Students and Faculties. Dr. S.T. Deokate discussed about the working of startup and innovation cell under SBPCOE. Followed by,   Prof. A.C. Bhosale presented the NIS policies to students and faculties.

Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA) - 2019-20

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